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Our Next Steps: What's Going on at Novia HQ

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

New Films, Rebranding, Non-Profits, oh my!

By Ella Haverkampf

Hello! My name is Ella, and I'm here to update you folks on what's going on at Novia these days. We've enjoyed our well-earned break from film stuff, but we're ready to get back out there and start working again! We've got a lot of great stuff in the pipe for all of you.

Non-Profit Status

Novia Production Company is going for non-profit status! We want to be come a legitimate business, and being a group of random teenagers doesn't really cut it these days. Our goal is to become a non-profit so that we can apply for grants that will help us help our community. We want to create a scholarship for folks who need money or gear, and becoming a non-profit will help us achieve all of our wildest dreams.

New Content

We are creating two new films, Todos and Chairlift Chats! Chairlift Chats is a film series about sensitive topics in the ski community, and our first episode is going to be about what it's like to be queer in the ski community. We want to address other topics such as race, gender, class, and so on. Todos, a more lighthearted film, is a journey friends take through the ski season. Meaning "everybody" in spanish, Todods will highlight the importance of both the masculine and feminine energies woman carry through the mountains and how the friendships made along the way help to inspire girls to push themselves within the sport.


Okay, I know it sounds like a big deal, but I promise it's not. The extent of our rebranding is just turning "Novia" into "Novia Production Company." We are not changing our mission statement or anything we stand for, we just want to create more content under one name. That being said, be on the lookout for new merch! With a rebrand come new designs, and new designs mean dope shirts and hoodies, of course.

Well thanks for reading! We are so excited to share our progress with you and have you along with us in this crazy journey. if you're feeling up for it, donate to our new gofundme and get some stickers in return! Or just spread the word, we love it when you do both :). Cheers and we'll see you on the slopes!

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