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Still Sleeping: A Film Project by Randall Pinson

On our journey to create the film, we have made amazing friends along the way. One of these lovely humans is Randall, a fellow skier and filmmaker out of Utah. We got to film and hang out with him over our film trip to Snowbird, and we also participated in interviews and such for his film. Because of our excitement for his project, we asked Randall to write a couple sentences about his film so we could share his with all of you. So without further ado, this is Still Sleeping!

"Still sleeping is an expression of our tendency to take our reality for granted. The film project Still Sleeping narrates the fierce and captivating experience of the mountain. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and the mountains give each of us the opportunity to share something special. Still sleeping is a wild ride; a dream where we explore our most ambitious possibilities. We're taking our skis to places we’ve always dreamed of going, anyone who lives in the mountains sees their endless facades as a call to experience what we haven’t yet. I was eager to hold a discussion on how we regard the mountains and our quest to ski the peaks and ridges we see from places like our homes or out of the window of a car driving to work or school. To focus on the immense nature of just our local mountain ranges - places younger skiers like myself haven't yet begun to explore. And in that sense, it’s a story about fulfilling childhood dreams and relating the unique human desire to be on top of mountains. This project asks questions about community and its place in the mountains. Community is a form of communication; without a shared and complete perspective our collective narrative as skiers is reduced and compromised. Thus, it's essential to recognize that our story as skiers is far from complete. This project will share the untold story of young women in the mountains and how we can work together to better express every ambition. At my first competition in free-ride I was shocked at the absence of a competitive environment, rather than exhibiting a rivalry between riders, the mountain offered everyone an opportunity to share how they saw the terrain. It was the most beautiful expression of show-and-tell I had ever witnessed. I hold the lesson of the mountain and those who helped me compete in a very special respect. I hope to share that same resolve through this project and my collaboration with Novia."

-Randall Pinson

Check out the "Still Sleeping" trailer here:

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