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June Project Update

Hello everyone!

Things are starting to pick up speed again for us. We may have been silent for a bit, but behind the scenes we were meticulously collecting and organizing our footage. A hard drive with all of our footage successfully made it to our editor, Ryder Schwartz, a few days ago. He has looked through the footage and has already started editing!

Keep your eyes peeled for a trailer and a merch drop in July :)

As for the actual film, we are still on track to release it this fall! The film will be available on Vimeo and YouTube, but we will be premiering the film in various locations beforehand. Since most of us will be college students by then, the film will likely be premiering where we are attending higher ed. More information on venues, dates, and tickets will be released when we approach our release date.

Some other housekeeping things:

· We are selling our camera equipment! Prices will be 20%-50% less than what we paid, and all of the money will be recycled back into the project to pay for other important stuff. Shoot us an email if you're interested.

· If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a premier, please reach out! We would love to collaborate and get our message out to as many people as possible. Once again, shoot us an email and we can discuss further.

Exciting things are happening, and we're thrilled to let you all know about them! We would not be at this stage of this project if it wasn't for all of you.

Stay tuned!

With love,

-the NOVIA crew <3

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