NOVIA began as a group of 16+ year old girls from North America who have been competing and shredding together for as long as they can remember. Now we are all going into our 20's keeping the dream alive to continue to inspire.

It all started with the idea that as young women in freeride, we all believe more girls belong in our sport. Not just competitors, but as vital members of the skiing community. Novia started simply a byproduct of quarantine thoughts and passionate young women who will do what they can do to make an impact. 

We created our first film released in 2021, and premiered it all across North America. We now want to continue with the momentum from the first time around. 


Novia is now expanding to new horizons. Now called Novia Productions, our goal is to create inspiring content for everyone and give back to our community members. 

This time around, we are creating two unique films. 

One of our projects, Chairlift Chats, is a series about overlooked topics in the ski industry, and our goal is to start conversations about them. Our first episode will revolve around what it's like to be queer in the ski community. We hope this project sheds some light on these often ignored experiences and helps bring our community closer together through open communication. 

Our other project we will be creating this season, TODOS, will continue to inspire girls of all ages. We need it more now than ever in our current state of the world. By joining us, you will be doing a part in empowering generations of the ski community from now and beyond. TODOS Will leave everyone that watches with the idea that they can cultivate the empowerment they already have within them.

To see our Chairlift Chats pitch deck, click here .

To see our TODOS pitch deck, click here.